Toilets and bathrooms are the most common root to leakage problem especially in older houses. Over time waterproofing membrane in the cement ground breakdown or worn out usually from cleaning or showering. Water sips through between the tiles and might sometimes cause water damage to the ceiling below or neighboring wall.

The most common problem found is ceiling drop off due to wet cement or paint starting to peel off or change in color.

Our  bathroom/ toilet waterproofing solution target to seal off this from surface to root. Our flood infusion method is more cost effective than hacking of tiles to re-lay a new layer of water proofing membrane and tiles.

Treatment Procedure

Wash the area to prevent any foreign particles that might contaminate our chemical solution

Cover the area with our chemical, wait for a few hours and let it seep through the grout and into the root of cracks within the concrete slab.

Prima seal ensures waterproofing is done and area is cleaned up before leaving.

Leave it unused for a period of time, our specialist will advice before leaving.