A balcony can be the most neglected part of the house in Singapore especially with the tropical climate all year round. As a Singaporean, we can’t start the hot weather most of the time. Our balconies experiences extreme weather conditions such as hot weather or stormy days. This can contribute to the cause for water leaking in the long run. As the balconies stands expose to the extremities of weather and other environmental factors, the variation in temperature as well as exposure to rain water is likely to create leaks and damps. When the waterproofing membrane of the balcony becomes compromise, and a leakage occurs, it can be a real hassle for the family or your neighbor. It is your responsibility to keep your home away from these issues, thus it is important that your balcony’s waterproofing remains strong.

 Flood Infusion Treatment

If you have to offer a permanent solution to the seepage and water leaking from the  balconies issue, you will inevitably have to opt for the most suitable waterproofing method. In that regard, you will hardly get a better alternative to the Flood Infusion Technique. Flood Infusion Technique not only waterproofs the surface but chases the water route, going to the root of the issue and waterproofing from within, securing the structure by laying a protective layer for the concrete underneath.

What are the key benefits in opting for this methodology?

The best part about this method is that it involves the use of environment-friendly chemicals therefore it is never a threat to the health of the occupants of the place or to the environment. The sealants used in this process are non-toxic. Hence, you can definitely opt for this process with good faith.

There are other positive aspects with regards to this method, on top of environmental and health. For example, when comparing the Flood Infusion Technique to conventional hacking waterproofing, it generates less noise and is dust-free, therefore, the Flood Infusion Technique is a much preferred method for most home owners.

The best services always comes from the best service providers. Hence, you need to ensure that you are engaging a reliable waterproofing contractors that are really skilled enough to handle the projects and have ample experiences in executing these projects.

At Prima Seal Water Proofing, we offer you the best water proofing methods to solve all your water leakage issues.

Treatment Procedure

Wash the Surface
Flood the area with our waterproofing chemical
Clean up the area
Do not use during curing period as advised by specialist