Are you experiencing Water Leakage Issues?

Ever notice a drip of water coming from the ceiling above you? What about some wet stains on the side of the wall? You may be unknowingly experiencing a water leakage. If there is a toilet above the ceiling or beside that wall, these minor details can be critical in identifying a water leakage. There are many cases of water seepage reported, ranging from ceiling leaks to floor leaks. These can originate from the walls or ceiling of homes, and even offices, which can lead to ugly moulds and stubborn stains forming on the surfaces. This leak may be from your upper floor neighbour or even within your own unit, but if you are in Singapore, most probably you are experiencing a HDB ceiling leak or Condo Ceiling leak?

Water can leak through even the tiniest, invisible cracks that you may never thought to have existed in your house walls and ceilings or even unexpected places like the electrical conduit. If you notice a large area of stain and mould on your ceiling or toilet walls, this is a clear indication of accumulation of waste water over time, caused by water leakage. Water leakage problems may even occur during heavy rains, especially if directly above you is the roof, or if you have a balcony with a crack on the side, where the rain water can manage to seep in.

If you are suspecting that you may have a water leakage situation at home, and not too sure how to look out for the symptoms, we have included a short step by step guide below to help you out.

Steps to find out whether you have any water leakage/waterproofing problems

Step 1: Look Out For Visible Signs of Water Leakages

Other than the most noticeable sign which is actually water dripping at a constant rate or even puddle of waters, these are the other signs that you can look out for:


  • Stalactites

Stalactites are calcium deposit that looks like icicles hanging. You can find these hanging on the ceiling if you have a leakage that has been going on for a while.


  • Wet stains

These are stains that can be found near the leakage. The usual locations you can spot these are on the ceiling or on the side of the wall, depending on where the leakage is.


  • Paint peeling

When there are wet stains on painted areas, these wet stains may cause the paint to peel on from that area.


  • Moulds and Algae

Moulds and Algae are plants that grow where there is high amount of moisture. Algae are common moss-like plants that spread through air-borne spore whereas mould are not as common as algae and are considered harmful to health, especially for asthmatic people. These can be normally seen along the exterior of the house and along the roofs. But if you spot them in the interior of your home, this can be a clear indication that you may have a leakage going on in that area.


  • Odour

When you have a water leakage, especially around waste pipes, it is possible that the waste water, however miniscule, accumulates and cause an odour to develop. If you can smell the odour at home, this can mean that the leakage is likely to has been going on for a while.


If you flooring or ceiling components are made of wood, a water leakage over time may cause the wood to decay and also cause an odour.

  • Water-loving bugs

When you notice that there is an increase in presence of bugs (i.e. silver fish or cockroaches), it is likely that the bugs are attracted to the increase in humidity/dampness in your home, which can be likely from a leakage.


Step 2: Check Area Above/Beside Affected Stains

So do you need water leakage repairs due to waterproofing issues? To find out more, have a check at the area above or beside the affected area for signs of water leakage. For example, is the area above your ceiling bathroom or is it a concrete roof? If the area above or beside affected area is constantly exposed to water, then you might have a waterproofing issue. Do also check if there are any concealed water pipes that might also cause water leakages.

Step 3: Avoid Usage of Water Above/Beside Affected Stains

If it can be arranged, Stop the usage of water around the affected area for a minimum of 24 hours. If water leakage or dampness is visibly reduced, then you might have a waterproofing issue. A possible cause could be due to the waterproofing membrane that was previously installed being worn down through years of wear and tear.

Step 4: Contact A Waterproofing Specialist

If you find that there is no doubt that you have a waterproofing issue, please contact Prima Seal Waterproofing Specialist Contractor at +65 6653 7942 for a no obligation professional diagnosis and consultation for your issue. We will recommend the best solution and method for your water leakage repair.

Types of Water leakage

There are many types of leakages that can may happen at home. Often times these leakages can be very obvious. We need to know what kind of leakage it is as the responsibility to resolve these leakages can fall to us or the building’s management, depending on the situation.

A ceiling leakage can occur when the source is located above the ceiling. It may be from the roof or even from the unit above. If there’s another unit above your unit, the leakage may be due to the unit above’s toilet, kitchen or even pipes.

If you live in a penthouse unit or a mansionette, usually the responsibility to resolve this issue will fall on you. However, if the ceiling leakage is from the roof, depending on whether it is a HDB ceiling leakage or a condo ceiling leakage, the responsibility to resolve this issue will lie with the town council or the condo management respectively.

  • Water Pipe Leak

Pipes can cause leakage if it has been around for quite some time. Due to wear and tear, most items will begin to breakdown. Pipes in particular, may rust and eventually give in to the water pressure and burst, leading to a leakage. If you have your pipes concealed within the walls, it may take some time before the leak is discovered. However, if the leakage is severe, the discovery will take no time at all.

Roof leakages are mostly discovered only when it rains. There are 2 general types of roofs, pitched-roofs and flat concrete roofs. Most HDBs and condos are flat concrete roofs. As for landed homes, they can have pitched roof or concrete flat room depending on the owner’s preference. Depending on what kind of roof leakage it is, there are different treatment available to resolve it.

Bathroom leakage can be from the level above the ceiling or from your own toilet leaking to the side of the wall. Usually, when a bathroom leakage happens from the level above, the ceiling’s waterproofing integrity may be compromised. You will need a waterproofing specialist’s opinion in order to confirm the case. However, there are also signs such as stalactites and wet stains where you can notice a leak is going on.

There are several causes behind an aircon leakage, especially when it is not regularly cleaned. Some of the most common factors resulting in this problem are incorrect installation, condensation of air around the aircon, and blockage of floor traps and pipes.

No matter what kind of leakage it is, it will definitely need to be resolved. There are various ways and methods to detect the leakages as well as to resolve them. Take a look at some of our case files and see how water leakages can be detected and resolved.

How to know if I have a water pipe leakage issue or a waterproofing issue?

It is important to differentiate between a water pipe leakage issue and a waterproofing issue as these are 2 separate issues. A water pipe leakage issue relates mostly towards the plumbing system whereas a waterproofing issue has to do with the waterproofing integrity of the leaking area. This means that the waterproofing membrane of that specify area may have worn off or damaged, allowing water to pass through.

In order to differentiate among the 2 issues, one must observe the signs that is available to help in determining what kind of problem it is. If the leakage is found to be leaking more on the components of the plumbing and water piping framework, it is an indication that the leakage is related to a water pipe leakage problem. Conversely, if you see that the leakage is happening outside of the piping and framework, such that it appears on ceilings for instance, it is probable that you may have a waterproofing issue at hand.

Another way to determine is to look into the frequency and volume of the leakage. If the leakage happens more after a rain or after someone uses the toilet above, and the volume of the leakage is proportionate to the usage or rain, it is probable that it is a waterproofing issue. On the other hand, If the leakage is more regular and of a higher volume, even when there’s no rain or usage of the toilet, this can indicate that you may have a water leak issue at hand.

It can be hard to determine the issues if you are not very familiar with the signs. Thus, it would be helpful to consult a waterproofing specialist on the matter so that the matter can be looked into early and resolved.

Resolve your water leakage/waterproofing issues

When it comes to water leakages, you can never be too sure where it may be coming from, unless you have the experience and knowledge to handle these issues. For water leakage repair in Singapore, look for professionals that can help you look into the case and resolve your problems.Prima Seal Waterproofing is the top recommended waterproofing specialist for all your water leakage detection and waterproofing needs. With a reliable and solid reputation, as well as years of experience in handling waterproofing cases, and backed by excellent reviews by our clients, we are a trusted waterproofing company that can resolve all your waterproofing and water leaking woes. Reach out to us at +65 66537942 or email us at for a free consultation on your water leakage issues.

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