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Signs That Your Balcony Needs Waterproofing Work

You may treat your balcony as one of those spots in your house where you can relax. For others, it may even house a variety of potted plants. With this, it is essential that you protect your balcony from wear-and-tear due to water leakages by undergoing waterproofing work.

A proper waterproofing system offers a protective layer on your balcony concrete that then makes it less likely to get cracks. This also strengthens the inner concrete and further prevents it from being damaged.

As a balcony can be made up of various materials such as concrete, ceramic tiles, wooden planks, and even stones, a waterproofing specialist should be able to advise you on the best balcony waterproofing method to carry out.

If you’ve already carried out waterproofing on your balcony, but seem to still be experiencing certain problems, take a look at these signs indicating that it needs further waterproofing.

Loose Tiles

If you happen to find some loose tiles, then you have to understand that your balcony must be leaking in some way or other. Loose tiles are likely to produce hollow noise that you should be able to identify when tapping on them. Since they are loose, these tiles easily allow water to penetrate through them. As such, faulty tiles leave perimeter joints exposed and thus, allowing water to leak in your balcony. Once you find such leaks, immediately contact a leak repair service provider to waterproof your floors or a tiler to repair your tiles.

Cracked Grout

Just like loose tiles, a cracked grout can also lead to water seeping into the flooring, which can then cause water leakages.


Presence of Stains

In cases where you notice some stains on the exterior and interior balcony finishes, then it is most likely caused by a leak. As soon as you see such symptoms, find a reliable water leakage solution so as to prevent it from worsening. Leaving it unsolved will only aggravate the problem.

Swelling of Windows and Walls

Leaks in your balcony cause the windows and walls of the lower floor to swell. Hence, the presence of a water leak will not only be messy to clean but can also affect your neighbours.


Paint Chipping Off

If the paint on your balcony happens to be already peeling off, then it is a sure sign that it has gone through wear-and-tear that can be aggravated by a water leakage.

Weak Structural Posts or Railing

Water leakages can weaken structural posts and railings. Hence, when you notice them deteriorating, don’t hesitate to call a water leakage Singapore specialist. Such specialists have carried out a range of waterproofing projects involving a variety of services that have trained them to repair leakages professionally.

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