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Reasons Why You Should Do Waterproofing Under Your Tiles

Tiles undoubtedly enhance the aesthetic aspect of any home. Hence, it’s just necessary that you protect them from water leakage, erosion, and wear-and-tear. The best way to maintain your tiling work is to carry out waterproofing on your subfloor, otherwise known as the flooring under your tiles. This prevents any water from seeping underneath the flooring and ruining your tiling.

Most of the people ignore this advice, but these are the same people who are likely to spend more money on costly tile repairs when they detect leaks on their floors. Not convinced? Here are the reasons why you should do waterproofing under your tiles.

Chemical Infusion Treatment Balcony Waterproofing Singapore Condo River Valley Road 5Chemical Infusion Treatment Balcony Waterproofing Singapore Condo River Valley Road 7

Tiles Are Porous

Moisture is likely to seep through tile since they are made up of porous material. This, in turn, ruins the tiles. You’ll find such a case on balcony floors and rooftop decks with tiles are susceptible to leaks during rainy seasons. The same concept applies in bathroom floors.

It is essential that places like these undergo professional waterproofing works to avoid such water leakage problems from happening. Doing so will protect the tiles and increase their lifespan – leaving you with fewer worries in the future.


Indoor Tiles Are Still Vulnerable

As tiles made up a large portion of a house, they are more vulnerable to erosion, leaks, and other damages. There’s a common misconception that indoor tiles are less likely to experience damage due to less exposure to weather changes, but a subfloor that’s not waterproofed are just as vulnerable to such water leakages. Even exposure to water vapour that can be found in any room can cause the growth of mold on tiles.

Hence, to protect your house from these kinds of problems, you can opt for a cementitious waterproofing membrane to protect your subfloors from such water leakages.


Protect Your House Against Termites and Ants

Aside from mold, there are still a variety of problems that can occur with leaks seeping through your tiles. Deteriorating tiles can attract termites and carpenter ants that can further ruin other parts of your house, making them more vulnerable to damage.

Prevent Future Costly Repairs

With leaks and deteriorating tiles, not only do you have to finally waterproof your subfloors, but you also have to replace your tiles. This will definitely incur more expenses in the future.

To prevent the above damages from happening, remember to only work with a trusted and reliable waterproofing specialist. They should be able to advise you on the most appropriate waterproofing method to be done in your area.

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