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A leaking bathroom floor can cause mold and mildew proliferation which can be a safety hazard for the family living inside the house. One of the reasons homeowners keep postponing bathroom waterproofing is that they do not know how much it will cost to have a water leak repair service and do not have the right tools.

In some cases,  toilet floor waterproofing is also required for the home if the toilet is separate. Here in this article, factors which affect the total expenses for bathroom & toilet waterproofing will be explained further.



One of the main expenses for waterproofing service is the labor expenses. The cost depends on the number of people sent by the waterproofing company for doing the work and their skill in doing the waterproofing. Having more staff would mean waterproofing tasks can be done quickly though the labor charges may cost higher than hiring an individual to do the work for you. Companies will usually charge more if experienced staff is doing the waterproofing.

Bathroom Size


The cost of bathroom waterproofing varies depending on the size of the bathroom since the material and labor expenses will also increase. The waterproofing contractor will first inspect the bathroom for damaged, broken tiles, which have to be replaced. The inspection or application of the waterproofing liquid will take time for larger bathrooms.

Type of Tiles


Bathroom tiles that are missing or damaged will be replaced with similar tiles used before doing a bathroom waterproofing service. The cost of the tiles will vary depending on the type of tile used or its quality. Expensive tiles would lead to a higher costing.

Size and Shape of Tiles

Larger tiles are more expensive, especially if they are in a complex shape. There can be instances where the bathroom flooring uses large tiles which need a replacement due to damage. Undergoing a bathroom waterproofing service with a contractor can cost more since larger tiles cost higher than basic rectangular tiles.

Design of Tiles

Choosing a tile with an intricate design or patterns is more expensive than a tile with simple designs. A tile with design requires extra effort when replacing it with a waterproofing sealant and the cost can be much higher than usual.

Amount of Waterproofing Required

The amount of waterproofing material required for a bathroom or toilet depends on the condition of the room, size, and how much water is leaking. If the bathroom is well maintained, the amount of effort and the waterproofing materials needed to prevent bathroom leakage will be lessened. However, for old houses that have not been waterproofed yet, larger quantities of waterproofing material will be required. The waterproofing material cost depends to a large extent on the quantity required.



A well-kept  and maintained bathroom  can bring comfort into your household. By having a bathroom waterproofing service done by a waterproofing contractor, you can easily prevent bathroom or toilet leakages from making you spend more in the future. Calling a waterproofing specialist can help you identify which part of your home or bathroom needs to be treated. Choosing Primaseal Waterproofing Singapore is one of the best choices that you will make because we provide quality service at a low price.

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