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Bathroom/toilet leak is inconvenient and can reduce the home value. Despite this, homeowners often postpone bathroom waterproofing because they do not know how long it will take. Singaporean homeowners tend to supervise any home improvement or repair projects for various reasons such as safety. Hence, they need to know how long the bathroom hacking and floor waterproofing project will take so that they can plan their day accordingly. Hence, we shall discuss the main factors which determine the duration of each bathroom/toilet waterproofing project:

Scope of Work


The scope of the bathroom/toilet waterproofing work will depend on the size and number of bathrooms and toilets in the house. You should also consider their current condition. In smaller houses, there is one bathroom and one toilet that are separated from each other. In larger homes, there are multiple bathrooms. Some may even have one bathroom in each bedroom for privacy. In some homes, bathroom waterproofing is done every few years, so less work has to be done to make the bathroom waterproof. In other cases, the home is vacant for many years or poorly maintained, so more effort will be required to restore and waterproof the bathroom properly.

Availability of Materials

Another factor affecting the time taken for bathroom hacking waterproofing is the availability of the material required by the waterproofing company. In some cases, the homeowner has already purchased all the waterproofing sealant or materials, and the staff of the contractor can start working with the supplies provided. There are also instances where the materials must be procured from the local stores. In large cities, procuring the material is not a major problem, but getting waterproofing materials can take time in remote areas.

Type of Materials

The type of waterproofing material required will differ depending on the type and condition of the material used in the bathroom floor. Different materials are required to make ceramic, porcelain, and stone flooring waterproof, closing the cracks or gaps, and for grouting. If the type of bathroom flooring used is rare, it will be more difficult to find suppliers for the waterproofing material.



The main expenses for bathroom waterproofing are the cost of materials, labor, and supervision fees. Homeowners with limited funds often buy the materials required for waterproofing themselves to save some money. Some homeowners who have limited funds and free time may prefer to do the waterproofing of each toilet and bathroom on a weekend, making partial payments based on the completed work. Others may ask the waterproofing contractor to complete the task at the earliest.

Availability of Professionals


Water leakages frequently happen when it rains. Hence, it may be harder for homeowners to find professionals who can start work immediately for bathroom waterproofing during heavy rainfall as these professionals often have plenty of scheduled tasks during this period. They may also charge a higher rate than usual. If you want to get the best deal, it is better to find out the slack period for the waterproofing company and hire them accordingly.


There are many factors as to why you need to spend your money on bathroom/toilet waterproofing. If you are on a tight budget and you want to avoid spending too much, then you should be knowledgeable on how long waterproofing may take according to the condition of your bathroom floors and toilet bowls. The reason behind this is the more time the waterproofing specialist spends on the task, the more money you will need to spend. You should also know about the availability and type of materials used in the areas that need waterproofing, so you can be aware of how much the waterproofing may cost.

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