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Bathroom or toilet leak cannot be avoided for most households in Singapore. There are many misconceptions about waterproofing like waterproofing contractor or waterproofing process that hinders them from doing a waterproofing service.

Most homes in Singapore have a separate bathroom and toilet. This means that bathroom waterproofing can be done separately with toilet waterproofing. Below are some common misconceptions when it comes to bathroom and toilet waterproofing.

It Takes A Long Time To Complete


Some homeowners postpone their waterproofing service due to reasons like the waterproofing company will consume more time in completing the work. However, the answer to that depends on the policy of the waterproofing company you hired.

Waterproofing companies will hire waterproofing contractors for the workload. There can be an instance where these contractors may be doing other work, resulting in a longer working time doing the waterproofing service. While other companies only deploy full-time employees to do the job, they can ensure that the work is completed quickly according to the planned schedule. Also, they can check other areas in your household that are needed to be waterproofed.


It Is Messy and Disruptive

Another misconception of homeowners is that the process of bathroom waterproofing is very disruptive and messy. In reality, the process depends on the bathroom, toilet, and the waterproofing contractor hired. Usually, the waterproofing company specialist is trained to ensure that the mess created is also minimized so that the work can not disturb the people living in the household. Also, the staff will clean the bathroom after the waterproofing is complete or done repairing the toilet leak. They are also in charge of disposing of the debris produced.


Permits Are Optional

Many Singapore homeowners feel that permits are optional, so they do not bother to find out. However, it is necessary to get the permits for home renovation depending on the work amount. If the permits are not available,the homeowner will have to pay the fine. The waterproofing company is aware of the permits and will inform the homeowner how to get the permits step by step.


You Will Not Be Satisfied With The Results


Undergoing a waterproofing service for your home can be a hassle because of the mess made together with the rigid waterproofing process, which hinders them from using the bathroom and the toilet. However, these are only short-term problems you can face while having waterproofing services. The long-term benefits of having a waterproof sealed bathroom floor or toilet will soon become apparent.


You Can Do It Yourself


Though most homeowners are professionals or business owners, they often feel that they can do the waterproofing themselves and save money. However, most people have a very busy schedule, and they only have a few hours free to complete the waterproofing alone. Additionally, they may use the wrong tool supplies or make mistakes while waterproofing, which can be expensive to rectify, adding to the overall cost. If you do not have much time doing the waterproof task, hiring waterproofing contractor in Singapore is still the best option.


Before having a waterproofing service for your household, it is advisable to know and educate yourself first on the right waterproofing procedures, the beneficial effects of doing a waterproofing service, and last to distinguish the right or wrong statements on having a waterproofing service from a contractor. If you are doubtful about doing this waterproofing task alone, getting help from a waterproofing contractor is a must. At Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore, we ensure to give you the best waterproofing service or even repair leakage in your ceiling.


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