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In Singapore, most homeowners do not recognize a water leak right ahead until they see signs of water leakage like a damp patch or mold growth in the place where the leak occurs. It is important to undergo bathroom waterproofing prior to these events for it can cause structural damage, a risk to health problems, and also lowers your house value. In some homes, the toilet is separated so toilet floor waterproofing should also be considered.

Most people would think that they can save money by performing the waterproof work alone. However, this can cause much damage if you do not have the right tools to do it or the knowledge on waterproofing and seepage. There are benefits that you can get from a toilet waterproofing company in Singapore like Prima seal waterproofing which we are going to discuss in detail.

Compliance With Standards and Regulations


The waterproofing work done by a waterproofing contractor complies with the quality standards for waterproofing and government regulations which is one of the main advantages of hiring a professional waterproofing contractor. The quality standards for waterproofing in Singapore are developed after consulting professional waterproofing companies so that customers are assured of the best quality products and services.


Use of Specialized Tools

Most waterproofing companies handle a large number of clients, which is why they are expected to have the right waterproofing tools to perform the work efficiently. Specialized tools for the waterproofing method done by the contractor will ensure that the waterproofing prevents water leakage from occurring. On the latter, these specialized tools with waterproofing sealant cannot be bought by a homeowner due to the fact that these are expensive if you are just going to use them often.


Increased Safety

Additionally, the staff of the waterproofing company is also well equipped with the latest safety gear to prevent injuries or harm while handling the tools together with the supplies required for waterproofing. The staff is well trained to follow safety guidelines while doing waterproofing work like bathroom waterproofing. Homeowners who opt to do the waterproofing alone may harm themselves or damage the toilet further if they are not aware of the safety guidelines. There are also things that you should look at when hiring a waterproofing specialist to ensure safety.

Faster Completion Time


Since the staff of the waterproofing company is well trained and experienced, they can complete the waterproofing work quickly especially if your ceiling has a leakage or walls have cracks that needs to undergo a PU injection waterproofing system. Choosing to do the waterproofing task alone will take time with the research phase to find out the suitable materials, techniques for bathroom waterproofing, finding suppliers, procuring the material, and doing the waterproofing work. Calling a waterproofing contractor like Prima Seal waterproofing will help you do the waterproofing to your bathroom or ceiling leak repair faster.

Also consider the floor area of the room that needs to be waterproofed. For some HDB in Singapore, the completion time will vary depending on the method that will be performed, may it be hacking or non hacking method.

Waste Management


Bathroom waterproofing is messy if performed alone or by a waterproofing contractor. However, homeowners are not allowed to dump the waste made in the dust bin. Doing this can cause you trouble and be penalized. The waterproofing company will clean the bathroom or toilet thoroughly after the waterproofing work is done. They will also arrange to collect and dispose of all the waste made according to the guidelines specified by the local government agencies, reducing the time and effort of the homeowner.



There are a lot of advantages to consider when hiring a waterproofing contractor to do the waterproofing job for you. Waterproofing is essential for most households or HDB to avoid future problems like structural damage, risks to your health, or even if you want to maintain the value of your property. A reputable waterproofing company can ensure quality work done, given that they follow standards that the government and waterproofing companies in Singapore have mandated. At Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore, we offer the best and reliable concrete repair, waterproofing, or water leak repair service for stress-free living. If you have these waterproofing issues, do not hesitate to contact a trusted waterproofing contractor as soon as possible to avoid further damage.


Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore offers waterproofing services to solve toilet and bathroom water leakage issues, including toilet ceiling leakstoilet floor leaks, and toilet wall leaks. Our team of waterproofing specialists will conduct detailed inspections and use the best possible waterproofing materials to solve your seepage issues. One of our most popular methods involves an innovative flood infusion technique which allows us to fix water leakage issues within a day and requires no hacking or removal of existing tile finish. Other waterproofing and leak repair methods include using PU grouting, PU injection , Water Pipe Leakage Repair and hacking the existing bathroom floor . With more than 10 years of waterproofing contractor experience, we have undertaken thousands of projects for both residential and commercial waterproofing contracts. We are approved and registered by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore as a CR13 waterproofing contractor. We are also proudly Bizsafe certified companyWhatsApp us for a free consultation and inspection at +65 8241 0032!