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The bathroom is one of the most used areas in every home, that is why it is also the place that needs higher maintenance. Unfortunately, even though there are several signs that suggest the need for toilet hacking and bathroom waterproofing, we tend to ignore them. This only makes the problem bigger, and we will then have to pay a higher price to repair things.

It will be wise not to make this mistake and opt for professional waterproofing services as soon as you notice any of the warning signs. You may wonder what are the signs that show you need bathroom waterproofing? Well, this is exactly what we are going to cover in this article. Continue reading this article to learn more about the 7 signs that suggest you need bathroom waterproofing and hacking.

Musty Odor


Bathrooms can have a weird odor, and many people think that it is normal. However, this smell can be a warning sign that suggests the need for toilet waterproofing. Mildew and mold spores can be the reasons behind the strange smell as both need moisture to thrive. Bathrooms cause problems of such mildew and mold growth because it does not have a proper airflow to keep this moisture in check.

If you still do not have an idea of the cause of the odor after trying to figure out where the smell is coming from, then you should not hesitate to call a professional waterproofing contractor like Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore to help you detect where the smell is coming from. We are experts in this field and have years of experience. We would be able to identify the reasons behind the smell on our very first visit and suggest if bathroom waterproofing is needed. We will also be able to complete the task for you, if necessary.



Grout is the reason behind big problems in many bathrooms in Singapore. It is a porous paste and can easily soak up any liquid. No matter what kind of product you use to clean your tiles, the grout may still absorb the liquid. This will then make your bathroom look very unattractive and lead to tile discoloration problems. If you observe the tiles on your bathroom floors and walls closely, you may notice many unattractive discolored spots. Once you notice these spots, do not hesitate to opt for bathroom waterproofing right away.


Even if you do not see any spots but you observe a flimsy strip forming on the top of your bathroom tiles, this too suggests a build-up under your tiles has happened. You may think that the build-up can be easily managed, but leaving it for a long period of time will only make it more difficult to get rid of them later. If you want your bathroom to look good again, then you need a waterproofing specialist immediately.



Mold is another common problem that you may face with your bathroom tiles. Since bathrooms are wet, they can support the growth of mold and bacteria. If you notice that there are little openings in your tile or grout, then mold can develop there.

Mold spores can also develop beneath wet tiles and you might not even notice them. However, when left unattended, these spores will only multiply and cause health issues for your family. You should opt for bathroom waterproofing immediately after you notice symptoms that suggest mold growth. Otherwise, it will only continue to worsen.


Even though tiles are durable, they may still crack because of blunt force or excess pressure when something heavy drops on them. You may feel that little chips and small fissures are not an issue, but such breakages will only widen over time and result in more damages. You should hire waterproofing specialists to do relevant types of waterproofing methods you need for your bathroom as soon as you notice cracks and other problems. They will look into the matter and then offer you the best solution.

Leaning Walls

It is not always easy to identify floor damage like those resulting in interfloor leakages. If water is already a problem, then it can displace the soil present around or under your bathroom’s foundation. Gradually, it will cause the foundation to crack.

If the foundation cracks, then the problem will continue to persist, and the displaced soil may even pave the way for tree growth. The tree roots may lift the foundation and result in wider cracks. You will eventually notice the walls will lean or bow. Hence, if you do not want such a big problem to happen, then you should get the cracks treated without delay.

Loose Areas

If you notice unstable chunks of tile, it’s because water exposure is crumbling the grout and setting. You should consider replacing the loose sections as part of your bathroom waterproofing plan as the water leakage and damage are likely to have spread to other areas as well. However, if the problem is severe, then partial replacement may just be a temporary solution. It would be better if you opt for toilet waterproofing and get all the tiles removed and replaced with new tiles.


You may not always be able to notice all the signs that your bathroom needs waterproofing and hacking especially if you think it is normal for a bathroom to have a foul smell or a bit of mold, discolorations and stains. However, if signs like cracks, leaning walls, and loose areas in your tiles begin to cause more harm than the usual inconvenience, you should not hesitate to call waterproofing specialists. It may result in major problems when ignored. Professionals like Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore can offer you the best solution for waterproofing needs. You will not have to worry about these signs if you give us a call because we will do all the work for you for a very cheap price.


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