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Home repairs like bathroom/toilet waterproofing and hacking waterproofing are usually inconvenient for families living at home since their daily routine will get disrupted. Toilet floor waterproofing must also be done for smaller homes in Singapore as they have a separate bathroom and toilet. In addition to that, homeowners should also spend time and money finding a reliable waterproofing contractor, engaging their services and ensuring that the work is completed on time.

Bathroom/toilet waterproofing can help prevent a large number of problems like those listed below, and these things can be expensive to repair if you do not opt for waterproofing at the earliest.

Mold and Mildew Growth


Without hacking waterproofing, the tiles are often loose and cracked. The grout between the tiles is loose causing water to seep into the floor material. Hence, when the bathroom is used, water will be absorbed by the concrete and other construction material used beneath the tiles. Due to the high humidity levels in the bathroom, the water does not evaporate, making it an ideal condition for the growth of mildew and mold. These mold particles can affect the air quality in the bathroom causing an unpleasant smell. If you have family members that are sensitive to such things, it may trigger allergic reactions to mold and cause serious respiratory and health problems.

Structural Damage


Most water will flow over the bathroom tiles if they are waterproofed and fitted properly. However, if no waterproofing is done under the tiles, there are usually some gaps or broken tiles. If this occurs, water will quickly get absorbed by the construction material, like concrete which is usually porous. When a large amount of water is absorbed by the concrete, it will develop cracks, damaging the flooring and walls of the house. Homeowners usually do not notice internal damages, but the cracks in the walls are often visible.

Pest Infestations

There are a large number of insects which will flourish in the bathroom or toilet if the humidity levels are high, especially when you experience toilet leaks. Termites are one of the most dangerous insects which flourish in damp conditions, eating paper, cloth and furniture. However, insects like ants and cockroaches also flourish if bathroom waterproofing is not done in the bathroom. These insects will then attract pests like mice and rats which feed on documents and even spread infectious diseases.

Health Problems


Air with mold spores and other harmful microbes can cause respiratory problems and affect the productivity of the family members in a household. It can also cause health problems for others when the mold spores spread to other areas and outside of the house. Although it may cost some money, it is best to opt for bathroom waterproofing at the earliest so that the molds and mildew do not flourish any longer as the water will be drained and the humidity level will be low.

Foundation Damage

Sometimes, the foundation of a building may get damaged due to water leakage from the bathroom and/or toilet. Concrete is a porous material, which will absorb water leaks if you do not engage in bathroom waterproofing. This leads to cracks in the foundation of the house, structural damage, and rusting. In some cases, the alignment of the doors and windows will also get affected. In extreme cases, the building may also collapse if the interfloor water leakage has continued for many years.

Foul Odors


The air in the bathroom and toilet will have an unpleasant smell if mold and mildew continue to flourish. Other harmful microbes can also be developed in the damp floor and walls due to water leakage. When this happens, the foul odor makes it difficult for people to use the bathroom or toilet, and can also lead to coughing or other health problems.

Electrical Damage

One of the biggest problems which people often ignore is the amount of damage leaking water can cause to the electrical wiring in the house. Ceiling leaks and leaks from bathroom to the wall of the rooms can affect all the wiring and connections in the wall. Water is also a good conductor of electricity which may result in short circuits. Hence, it may not be possible to use electricity in certain parts of the home. If your home has concealed wiring, you may have a bigger problem since you cannot carry out a water leak detection easily when a short circuit occurs. However, if waterproofing is done properly, there will not be any water leakages and short circuits.


All types of waterproofing can cause extra expenses but if you do not opt for bathroom and toilet waterproofing at an early time, you may risk having more problems. Serious issues like mold and mildew growth, structural damage, pest infestations, health problems, foundation damage, foul odors and electrical damage may occur.

It is also important to note that waterproofing is best done by professionals. Experts like Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore offer waterproofing services. You should not hesitate to call us because we can solve all your water leakage issues in no time.


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