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Our toilet needs as much attention and care as the other rooms of our house. Sadly, despite being an area that is used the most, toilets are mostly left ignored.

If you notice problems like bad odor, discoloration, stains, and more, then immediate waterproofing is required. Delaying the bathroom waterproofing will only make the problem grow further, and then you will have no choice to opt for costly leak repairs.

Some people prefer doing the bathroom waterproofing or hacking waterproofing task on their own, but this will only prove to be a wrong move. Since you do not have the experience nor the knowledge, it will be best to let a professional handle the task.

After you have decided to hire a professional contractor for bathroom waterproofing, you also need to know that you have to prepare your toilet for the process before an expert arrives. If you are wondering how you can do so, then continue reading to discover your answer.

Remove all personal items

It is impossible to do a toilet floor hacking and waterproofing task when there are things lying around here and there. Hence, the first thing you need to do is to remove all personal items from your bathroom.

You can take a big basket and put in all your things including soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrush, and make-up items.

You will need to remove all items even if they are stored in your bathroom closets and cabinets. This will ensure they do not come in the way when an expert is completing the bathroom waterproofing task.

Declutter your bathroom


Before a waterproofing specialist starts your bathroom waterproofing project, you will also need to get rid of any small items that you do not want to lose in the process.

This gives you a great opportunity to carefully go through your bathroom counters, shelves, and cupboards to check every item present there. You are most likely to come across many things that you do not even use anymore. If such things are in a usable condition, you may donate them. Otherwise, you should discard them.

Drain the water from your appliances


Each of our experts is well-trained to complete bathroom waterproofing to perfection. Not only will we perform the waterproofing process in the best possible way, but we shall also take the necessary steps to first prepare your toilet for the purpose. Furthermore, after the task is complete, we will even clean your toilet so that you are left with nothing to worry about at all.

Once the toilet hacking and waterproofing task starts, there will be a lot of pounding, hammering, and breaking. In certain cases, getting rid of old pipes and taps may be required. As a result, there may be a small-scale flood.

To prevent this from happening, you must turn on every faucet in your bathroom. You need to drain water from all your appliances until you see no water runs out anymore. You should remember that you need to do this only after you have cut the water supply to your bathroom.

However, this is not an easy process. It can actually be quite tedious. If you hire a professional for your bathroom waterproofing, then you will not have to worry about this.

Shut off your water supply

You will not be able to use any of the plumbing fixtures while the bathroom waterproofing task is being performed. Thus, there is no need to turn on the water.

If you turn the water supply on, if the experts lean on some knobs, they might accidentally turn on the sink or the shower. You should not forget to shut the water supply before the waterproofing contractor arrives.

Clear a path to the outside of your home

Once the bathroom hacking and waterproofing project begins, the group of experts working at your place will have to carry all types of wastes to the outside of your house. Make sure you clear some path so that there is no problem for them to move these wastes. You should also remember to place some drop cloths on the path so that no dirt or water comes into contact with your floor.

However, if you hire an expert like Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore, you will not have to do such preparation. We will prepare the path ourselves by bringing drop cloths to lay in the path. You can be sure your floor will not be damaged in any way, and you will only feel happy and satisfied with our services.


Preparing for bathroom/toilet hacking and waterproofing can be time consuming. Additionally, you will have to make sure everything is in order at home before the professional that will conduct the bathroom waterproofing arrives. You should also make sure that your water supply and faucets are all turned off. If you do not want to experience such hassle, you should not hesitate to call Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore to help you with all your waterproofing and floor hacking needs!


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