Flood Infusion Treatment Waterproofing Method

Prima Seal uses an unique flood infusion treatment that utilizes waterproofing chemicals that is waterborne and dampness sealing for concrete and masonry substrates. Also known as chemical infusion waterproofing, our specially formulated solution is manufactured from a blend of Inorganic and Organic Polymers. It achieves both surface and in-depth sealing by both film formation and crystallisation. The organic polymer is resistant to household and construction chemicals providing long term surface protection. Containing a mild biocide it inhibits organic growth without endangering the environment.

Seals the root of the problem

On application of the flood infusion treatment, it penetrates deeply into the substrate and crystallized, providing in-depth sealing. As leakage slow and eventually stop, another component dries to form a second waterproof barrier and strengthen the substrate. A third component increases the concrete pH to greater than 10 reducing re-bar corrosion. Depending on the quantity applied, the curing process, while provide rapid protection, will continue as long as there are active components and moisture.

The formulation not only act as a surface sealant but to deeply penetrate into the pores of surfaces to create an invisible barrier that is longer lasting and not susceptible to regular surface wear and tear. This coating repels water and at the same time still allows the surface to “breathe”, which is essential to allow trapped liquids to evaporate instead of stagnating and creating further problems.

Cut Cost & Save Time

The biggest advantage in using our flood infusion treatment is that we have the ability to carry out waterproofing repair against water pressure. This means, no hacking of tiles, no hassles, and substantially lower cost.

Traditional waterproofing methods require up to weeks of costly labour, which includes tearing up the old floor to reach the original worn out water-proof layer, re-layering a new coat and finally fixing up the floor. Hassle-free, time-saving and cost-friendly as well, Prima Seal flood infusion method requires none of that tedious man labour and can be finished in a matter of hours.

Nature-friendly and health-friendly (Non-toxic)

In short, VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds are solvents used in sealants that will evaporate and can cause acute symptoms which include headaches and dizziness. Prima Seal chemical infusion solutions on the other hand use water-based non-hazardous solvents with a Low VOC content.

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