Waterproofing is considered to be of great important in order to prevent any water leakages from damaging your residential or commercial area.

At Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore, we offer a variety of waterproofing methods for your specific water leakage problem. With our free inspection, our team of experienced technicians should be able to advise you on the best waterproofing method to be used.

Waterproofing methods we offer:

Flood Infusion Treatment

Also known as chemical infusion treatment, the flood infusion treatment is a type of waterproofing solution that uses a blend of organic and inorganic polymers in order to penetrate deeply into an area. This solution tackles both in-depth and surface sealing by crystallisation and film formation. This organic polymer is known to be highly resistant to other household chemical products, hence ensuring long-lasting waterproofing. It also contains mild bio-acid that prevents any organic growth in the sealed area.

PU Grouting / Injection

PU Grouting/Injection is a specialised waterproofing method that involves the injection of polyurethane that expands in order to stop any kind of water that’s flowing through cracks and concrete joints. This method is a widely known waterproofing technique that is particularly effective when used on the underside or the negative side of water seepage. A hole will be drilled on the underside of the ceiling, where the PU grout is to be injected using high/low pressure. Afterwards, the PU grout then expands to fill up the void, space, or crack that is caused by water damage. This technique can effectively be used to prevent any water leaks coming out from expansion joints or concrete cracks.

Flexible Acrylic Fibreglass system

The Flexible Acrylic Fiberglass system is designed to permanently waterproof either newly made or existing roofs with drainage systems installed. This treatment is also used for roofs with low slopes. It uses a fibreglass that is made from glass with resins and reinforced plastic that can strengthen any surface, especially that of buildings made of concrete. With this, water leakages during rainy seasons can be prevented.

Bituminous Torch on Membrane

The bituminous torch on waterproofing membrane system is considered to be quite popular method that’s usually used on low-sloped roofs. The torch on membrane has two types – namely, covered and exposed. The exposed type has mineral granular aggregate for preventing any kind of wear and tear due to weathering. For the covered type, the contractor is required to apply a protective screed to prevent the membrane from breaking.

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