HDB Ceiling Leak

Do you have a HDB Ceiling Leak Issue?

If you are in Singapore, you may be staying in a HDB flat where there is a ceiling leak issue. Ceiling leaks occur when water seeps downwards from the unit above into your ceiling through the concrete floor slab. This may happen due to the wear and tear of the waterproofing membrane and cement screed in the concrete floor slab. This phenomenon is more common in older buildings and typically occurs in wet areas such as toilets, bathrooms and balconies.

Some of the symptoms of HDB ceiling leaks include wet water mark stains. You may find discoloured patches on the ceilings which may even spread to adjoining walls. You should fix ceiling leak issues early to to preserve the structural integrity of your flat and to prevent water from dripping further into your lower floor neighbour’s house as well.

If you are staying in a condominium, apartment or private non-landed estate and experience condo ceiling leak issues, please visit this page to find out more.

What Should I Do?

Because lessees of upper and lower floor units share the responsibility of maintaining the floor/ceiling slab, both parties must jointly arrange for the repair works and share the repair cost. This means that if you have a HDB ceiling leak, you should contact your immediate neighbour upstairs to resolve the leak. A contractor should be jointly engaged for repairs and the costs should be split 50-50.

If you stay at the uppermost floor and there is a ceiling leak, you may contact your Town Council who will arrange for the repair at the roof top.

How to get HDB Ceiling Leak Issue Fixed?

There are different methods to solve ceiling leak issues, depending on the severity of the leak and the needs of the upper floor. Hacking of existing tiles, Re-screeding and relaying of new tiles is the most common option. However, such a repair will require sacrificing existing fixtures and installations in the toilet, bathroom or balconies. Such a method also require a few days of hacking of tiles, which is dusty and noisy.

Our Recommended Waterproofing Method

There are also other methods to resolve a ceiling leak that you can explore. For example, Flood Infusion Method and injection of chemical grout (also known as the Polyurethane (PU) Injection Method or PU Grouting).

To tackle water leakage issues, Prima Seal recommends an innovative Flood Infusion Treatment (Chemical Infusion Treatment) using an advanced waterproofing chemical solution. This method solves ceiling leak issues without the need for hacking of existing tile finish and can be completed within a day.

The solution is a film forming and crystallising sealer for seepage and dampness and can migrate more than 100 mm into concrete under the influence of water. This effectively seals all leakage problems including the tininess of cracks.

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