Are you experiencing Water Leakage Issues?

Too many people have experienced mysterious toilet leak, ceiling leakage and water leakages through the walls or ceiling in their homes or offices, leading to ugly moulds and stubborn stains forming on the surfaces. It may even be a leak from your upper floor neighbour, if you are in Singapore, most probably you are experiencing a HDB ceiling leak or Condo Ceiling leak?

Water can leak through even the tiniest, invisible cracks that you never thought have existed on your toilet’s walls and ceilings. You may notice a large area of stain and mould on your ceiling or toilet walls, which is a result of accumulation of waste water over time. Such problems also occur during heavy rains, where the rain water somehow manages to seep through the walls.

Step 1: Look Out For Visible Signs of Water Leakages

Step 2: Check Area Above/Beside Affected Stains

So do you need water leakage repairs due to waterproofing issues? To find out more, have a check at the area above or beside the affected area for signs of water leakage. For example, is the area above your ceiling leakage a bathroom or is it a concrete roof? If the area above or beside affected area is constantly exposed to water, then you might have a waterproofing issue. Do also check if there are any concealed water pipes that might also cause water leakages.

Step 3: Avoid Usage of Water Above/Beside Affected Stains

If you are able to arrange, please stop or avoid usage of water above/beside affected area for a minimum of 24 hours. If water leakage or dampness is visibly reduced, then you might have a waterproofing issue. A possible cause could be due to the waterproofing membrane that was previously installed being worn down through years of wear and tear.

Step 4: Contact A Waterproofing Specialist

If you find that there is no doubt that you have a waterproofing issue, please contact Prima Seal Waterproofing Specialist Contractor at 6653 7942 for a no obligation professional diagnosis and consultation for your issue. We will recommend the best solution and method for your water leakage repair.

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