(Last Updated On: July 6, 2021)

Bathrooms and toilets that are used often are prone to having water leakages. Most homeowners in Singapore do not want to spend money on bathroom waterproofing and toilet floor waterproofing since they think that it will be expensive and time-consuming. However, there are waterproofing companies like Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore that can give the best affordable fast repair service. 

Toilet hacking and Bathroom waterproofing can bring a lot of benefits to your household which we will discuss in detail below.


Prevents Leaks

One of the main benefits of waterproofing the bathroom and toilet floor is that it will prevent water leakage into the wall and floor beneath. Bathroom water leakage or toilet wall leakage can cause stains in the walls or the ceiling below it. Additionally, water leakage can cause structural damage to the house interior, which requires expensive repairs. By undergoing waterproofing work can prevent frequent repainting and renovating the house. 


Protects The Floors Against Water Absorption


Another benefit of waterproofing is that the floor will not absorb any water. Waterproofed bathroom floors are covered with a waterproofing sealant that makes sure that it blocks the water and will not be absorbed. If the floors are not waterproofed the water absorbed by the porous flooring material will cause damage to the floor which can make the floor look uneven. Your bathroom or toilet flooring is one of the common areas that you need to waterproof.


Prevents Mold


Mold proliferation can occur if your bathroom or toilet room is not waterproofed especially with the humidity conditions in Singapore and in your toilet. These molds can cause allergies, respiratory illnesses, and other health problems. Treating these health problems is expensive or could be life-threatening as well. Hiring a waterproofing contractor can help you prevent these issues from happening. 

Other problems that can occur like mold and mildew can spread to the other rooms of the house, damaging expensive home furnishings and furniture. In waterproofed bathrooms, the flooring does not absorb water, so mildew and mold are not formed.


Makes The Floors Easier To Maintain

It is easier to clean the bathroom floor because dirt and stains will not adhere to the floor when it is covered with a waterproofing sealant. Cleaning it can be easy if there are any liquid spills, wiping it with a cloth can help you with the cleaning. Scratches are also less likely to get formed on the floor due to the sealant covering them. Thus the bathroom waterproofing also increases the life of the bathroom floor.


Increases Property Value


Like any home improvement, waterproofing the toilet and bathroom floor will greatly increase both the rental and resale value of the house. A waterproofed bathroom can be easily maintained to avoid water leakage, water absorption, or mold/mildew growth. frequent repairs will not be required. Frequent repairs will not be required if your bathroom is already waterproofed. 

Most people who are interested in renting or buying a home usually pay more for a well-maintained home. Hence, homeowners in Singapore who want the bathroom floor and toilet to be waterproofed by a reputable company should contact PrimaSeal Waterproofing at the earliest.



Getting your bathroom waterproofed has a lot of beneficial factors that make your living in Singapore be more efficient. Hiring a trusted waterproofing contractor can help you save money and avoid future expenses. Bathroom waterproofing prevents leaks from occurring. It also prevents mold proliferation from happening that could cause health issues for you or your family. Lastly, waterproofed bathrooms do not require frequent repair resulting in more potential clients buying or rent the property.

If you want to have your bathroom or toilet room get waterproofed, always get in contact with a reliable waterproofing company like Prima Seal Waterproofing Singapore. We provide affordable waterproofing services like bathroom waterproofing or concrete waterproofing.

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